Exercises, outcomes, and more

optimumMe is our premier mobile app that allows your patients access to information they need!

  • Access and mark their daily exercises so you can track progress

  • Automatically push new exercises

  • Real time communication regarding their exercises to your home page

  • Patients can fill out their outcome measures right in the app

  • View upcoming appointments through the app


Get easy to follow exercises, tailored to your needs, sent directly on your patients phone.

Patients can easily track their exercises and progress with weekly charts and reports that are sent directly to them and you!

Work with your patients to come up with attainable workout goals to help them recover.

Each exercise sent by you come with simple photos or videos to show and explain how to perform the exercises at home.

Your patients can communicate directly and securely with you from within the app.


Tightly integrated to OptimisPT for less work for you.

Load the HEP program in your documentation and it is automatically transferred to the app.

Communicate and get feedback from patients on their exercise progress.

Score and see outcome measures filled out in the app within OptimisPT!