Best Practices fueled by UnisLink

Healthy Patients | Healthy Bottom Line

At the core of the best rehab practices is a healthy bottom line. Margin erosion, market challenges like consolidation and staffing issues, and complex payer agreements all impact revenue realized by practices like yours. While the process of getting paid seems like it should be easy enough, getting accurate reimbursement for the services provided takes sophisticated resources, technology, and an intimate knowledge of payer behavior. UnisLink goes Beyond Billing to help.

OptimisPT and UnisLink puts you in control.

UnisLink’s complete solution for OptimisPT customers includes a set of user-facing and behind-the-scenes features that combine to deliver unprecedented results and an unrivaled user experience.

The Unislink modular cloud-based platform elegantly overlays the OpimisPT EMR for a seamless, one-stop-shop solution.