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Built by physical therapists for physical therapists, OptimisPT is the perfect EMR for any size practice. Whether you see 25,000 patients each month or 200, every one of our clients receives the same amazing benefits — a world class system designed to empower your practice to grow!

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OptimisPT is the proven industry leader in physical therapy documentation. Developed by the country’s top compliance experts, Fearon and Levine, this intelligent web-based EMR seamlessly integrates scheduling, documentation, billing, and practice management components with ease. Our unique, built-in clinical decision support and unprecedented compliance practices feature unmatched convenience. You’ll experience improved efficiency through helpful prompting for therapists and multiple levels of cutting-edge customization. Build a better business with OptimisPT!

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Remove Physical Therapy Workflow Aches & Pains

Webinar Date: October 22, 2019
Webinar Time Length: 45 minutes + Q&A

Curing patient aches and pains is the goal shared among all physical therapy practices. But what happens when the pain spills over to practice workflow?