Fast and Easy Billing

Billing needs to be accurate, fast, and easy to ensure your revenue keeps flowing!

  • Built in billing alerts at a glance

  • Reports and analytics to keep track of your billing progress

  • Easily scrub your claims and keep on top of billing


Simplify your day-to-day and long-term billing practices.

Keep everyone informed and on the same page with billing profiles.


We have billing options to fit practices of all sizes.

Our tools make it simple to ensure your billing is accurate and compliant.

Customize your fee schedule at the payer level to ensure accurate payment.

Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction built in for an accurate assessment of Medicare claims.


Ensure accurate submissions and streamlined revenue capture.

Enhance accuracy in your reporting through clear language and guided support.

Generate and submit automated claims backed by science and evidence.


Analyze trends in your revenue stream.

Clearly see where you may need to make adjustments at a glance.

Ensure accurate billing submission.