OptimisPT Makes Implementing a New EMR Painless

By:  Jennifer Heiligman, PT, MPT

OptimisPT is the best in class rehab specific EMR on the market.  Our embedded clinical decision support is just one of the features that sets us apart from the competition.  In addition, we include all of our other great features such as scheduling, the patient portal, patient engagement app, embedded HEP, and embedded outcomes measures, just to name a few.  We never al-a-cart our features or charge you extra for functionality.  Another way we are different from our competitors is how easy it is to implement OptimisPT as your new EMR.

After the critical decision is made to start using OptimisPT as your EMR, the implementation process begins.  The first step will be creating your database.  This step is lightning fast.  Our team can have your database up and running in less than 2 business days.  At that point, you will then tell us when you wish to start accessing the database.  It can be as quick or as slow as you want.  You choose the time frame that works best for your practice.  The only thing we recommend is starting to learn the system about 3 weeks before you wish to start entering live patients into OptimisPT.

Once you have access, you can begin setting up your database.  OptimisPT can also help with this step.  We have the ability to import data from your previous EMR.  This data can include patient demographics, referral source information and payer information.  By choosing to electronically import your data, you will eliminate the time consuming step of manually entering that information.

Learning the new system is crucial to a successful implementation.  OptimisPT makes this process easy and convenient.  We have training available for all of your staff, from your administrative and front desk staff to your clinical staff.  We offer you options depending on what learning method is best for your employees.  OptimisPT has pre-recorded training videos available 24/7 for the life of your contract.  In addition, we also offer complimentary live trainer led training sessions for the first 3 weeks of your contract.  The live sessions allow your employees to ask real time questions as the trainer is instructing them on a specific topic.  We also offer complimentary Q&A sessions a few weeks after your actual go live date.  These sessions are available to answer your administrative questions, as well as your documentation questions.  We wait to offer you these sessions since when you first start using any system, you don’t know what you don’t know.

OptimisPT will be with you every step of the way.  When you become an OptimisPT client you are assigned a Customer Success Consultant (CSC).  This account manager will perform your kickoff call, help you schedule training sessions and be there as you go live.  But, that’s not where your relationship will end.  Your CSC will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the life of your OptimisPT contract.  In addition to your CSC, you also have the knowledge and experience of our OptimisPT Support Team at the ready.  You can conveniently contact Support using the support button located at the top of every OptimisPT screen or by calling our hotline.  There is no limit to how often you can reach out to support and just like all of our other features, support is included.

Switching EMR platforms can seem like a daunting task.  However, when you choose the right EMR, it does not have to be a nightmare.  OptimisPT provides the information and support necessary that results in a painless implementation of a new software.  During implementation and beyond, OptimisPT strives to be your practice partner.

If you are interested in learning more about the painless implementation process when you switch to OptimisPT, please schedule a demo.