7 Reasons Why Our Subscribers Love OptimisPT

By: Jennifer Heiligman, PT, MPT

OptimisPT is an EMR born out of necessity.  Back in 2008 our over 25 owned and operated outpatient rehab clinics were unable to find a specialized EMR to meet their needs, so they decided to create their own.  After perfecting the software, we decided that we should not be the only rehab therapy practice to benefit from our ingenuity and began marketing our platform to other therapy practices in 2010.   Since that time, we’ve had over 35,000 users in all 50 states.  The median time frame that our subscribers have been with us is over 7 years.  That speaks volumes in regards to how satisfied our clients are with OptimisPT.

Here are just 7 reasons why our users love us:

Ease of Implementation

As soon as a practice decides to start using OptimisPT as their EMR, they immediately know they have made the right decision.  They are assigned a Customer Success Consultant (CSC) who will walk them through the implementation process, as well as, be a direct point of contact the entire time they are an OptimisPT subscriber.  

The needs of each individual practice are identified and taken into consideration when establishing the flow for their implementation.  This includes deciding if data imports from their previous EMR would benefit the practice. The CSC will also help the practice schedule their complimentary trainer led training sessions for their administrative staff, as well as, their clinical staff.  The live training sessions are led by experienced administrative staff and licensed physical therapists who understand what information is needed to be successful because they’ve lived it.  The CSC will also introduce the practice to the training videos that are available 24/7 for the life of their Optimis subscription.  If transitioning from another EMR, the CSC will help the practice establish the most efficient workflow to begin using OptimisPT.  Our subscribers are never left to fend for themselves, we offer personalized service from day one.

Amazing Support

Our Support Team is second to none.  Our users can contact Support via a support button located at the top of every Optimis page where they can send an email or chat with the team.  We also have a phone hotline available for support.  When you contact support you interact with a live person.  This, in addition to the individualized customer success consultant, adds to that personalized touch that OptimisPT is known for.  The support team is extremely knowledgeable. However, in the rare event that they are unsure of the correct response, they will forward your question to our team of experts that includes licensed physical therapists and experienced billing professionals, depending on the topic.

We Listen

We are continuously making updates and improvements to OptimisPT.  Some of these are necessitated by industry changes, however, a large portion are the result of suggestions and requests from our users.  For example, if there is a test or measure that one of our practices uses and it is not already embedded into the system, our content board will review the item being requested and, if found to be appropriate, we will hard code the test into the system.  This eliminates the need for the practice to free type the information into the visit gaining efficiency, while also assisting other practices.  Custom codes can also be added to Optimis and a good number of feature updates are the result of user suggestions.   

We Take the Guesswork Out of Compliance

Since our inception, we have prided ourselves on assisting the therapist in creating compliant documentation and staying within the regulations established by Medicare.  We have alerts, reminders and prompts throughout the system including such things as the 10 visit progress report alert and the Medicare Plan of Care Certification Period expiration alert.  

Our embedded text templates are compliantly structured and include statements for items that an auditor would be looking for should they review the chart.   For example, does the patient have any contraindications or comorbidities that may affect the plan of care, what is the patient’s rehab potential, and what was the patient’s prior level of function.  This is information a therapist knows they need to include, we simply remind them to do so.

Our Goal Builder specifically lays out the items necessary for a defensible goal.  By following the prompts, the therapist will create functional, defensible goals to support the medical necessity of the treatments being rendered.

Customization is Key

Therapists using OptimisPT love the many customization options within our software.  These include the ability to create Custom Evaluation Templates for specific diagnoses or patient populations.  When using your own custom eval template, the special tests and screenings, measures, interventions and treatments you generally do with those patients will auto populate for you. This decreases the need to search the system for those common items.  

If you have specific statements you use often in your notes, there is no need to free type them everytime you want to use them, simply create Custom Text Templates and add the information to your documentation with just a click.  

OptimisPT does include an embedded Home Exercise Program which contains thousands of exercises.  However, if there are specific activities you do with your patients and they are not found in the system, you can create Custom Exercises.  You can truly customize these exercises by adding up to 2 of your own pictures and a video for each activity, if you so choose.  

Other customization options include Custom Tables and Custom Workouts.  In addition, any of your custom creations can be shared with your colleagues.  The customization available in the system increases the therapists efficiency saving them time when completing documentation which makes them love OptimisPT even more.

Unparalleled Features

OptimisPT is one of the most comprehensive rehab specific EMR platforms on the market.  We are the only rehab therapy specific software with built in clinical decision support based on clinical practice guidelines.  This feature helps the therapist determine the most appropriate classification for the patient in order to promote the most effective treatment plan.  

As mentioned above, Optimis has an embedded home exercise program consisting of thousands of activities with pictures and videos.  The HEP can be distributed by many different methods including hardcopy, email and sent through our own patient engagement app, optimumMe.  Embedded Outcome Measures and embedded Telehealth can also be accessed through the optimumMe app or via email. 

We also have a Patient Portal, allowing the patient to submit their registration information and medical history electronically saving on manual entry and paper.  Our users love the ability to communicate with their patients through our email templates and mass emailing features.  Want to monitor how satisfied your patients are with your practice?  Optimis can automatically send out the Net Promoter Score (NPS).  This survey allows you to track customer satisfaction.

It’s All Included

The biggest reason our users love us?  Everything mentioned above is all included!  That’s right, we do not charge extra for any of our great features.  Optimis users have access to all features and functionality.  Unlike with other EMR platforms, they never have to decide which features may or may not be worth the extra investment.  They get it all!

If you are interested in learning more about OptimisPT and how you can also come to love your EMR, schedule a demo.  Already an OptimisPT subscriber and want to share the love? Contact Support to learn about our referral program.