Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction by using the features of our patient engagement suite.

The Patient Engagement suite within OptimisPT is the easy and efficient way for your practice to promote patient engagement.  The suite includes a Patient Portal where your patients can electronically submit their demographics, insurance information, medical history and electronically sign required forms. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is automatically sent out at designated intervals so you can keep on top of patient satisfaction.  The OptimumMe App allows the patient to access their home exercise program from their smart device, recording the activities they completed with the ability to send comments back to their therapist.  In addition to the HEP, you can also send your Outcome Measure Surveys via the app.  Once the patient completes the survey it is sent back to Optimis, scored and imported into the patient’s visit.  The app allows the patient to track their progress providing motivation to continue.

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