2021 Resolutions for Improving Your Therapy Documentation: Resolution #2:  Maintain Compliance

Take the guesswork out of compliance with our alerts, prompts and reminders.

OptimisPT prides itself on facilitating compliant documentation and helping the therapist stay within regulatory requirements.  We have built in alerts, prompts and reminders including those to alert the therapist to expiring Plans of Care and letting you know when a progress report may be due.  We also have embedded compliantly structured text templates available to enhance your documentation.  Alerts in the treatment section will guide the therapist in proper billing practices.  If you are participating in the MIPS program, we have the easiest MIPS workflow on the market.    Prompts are embedded next to the required MIPS measures so they are not overlooked.  The information the therapist documents for each measure then automatically flows into the MIPS section to be recorded.  A full integration with the FOTO QCDR and an interface with the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry (PTOR) facilitates electronic MIPS reporting.

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