2021 Resolutions for Improving Your Therapy Documentation: Resolution #1 Improve Efficiency

The beginning of the year usually holds time for resolutions and a promise to yourself to improve from the prior year.  We’ve identified five “resolutions” regarding areas of your therapy documentation that could probably use some improvement and how OptimisPT can help you succeed with those resolutions in the new year.

Resolution #1:  Improve Efficiency 

Significantly improve the efficiency of your documentation by taking advantage of our customizable features.

Tired of wasting time during documentation searching for the appropriate test or measure or retyping common statements over and over again?  With OptimisPT you can create Custom Evaluation Templates for specific diagnoses and patient populations. When you add your own eval template to the Initial Eval, tests, measures and treatments you previously selected will automatically populate.  Quickly document commonly taken measurements, such as girth measures, in your own Custom Measures Table.  Custom Text Templates allow you to quickly add common statements without having to free type.  Creating your own Custom Exercises including pictures and a video and the ability to create Custom Workouts enhance your efficiency even more.

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