OptimisPT Scheduling


Easily track authorizations and organize your schedule by the payer and visit type using custom schedule categories.
Efficiently create, edit, and view schedules for patients, providers, treatment rooms, pools, and equipment.


Efficiently schedule a patient appointment and identify any Co-pays that need to be collected with built-in alerts.
Increase internal communication with our Schedule, Episode of Care, and Patient notes.
Significantly reduce Cancellations and No Shows with automated appointment text and email reminders.


A therapist can easily manage their schedule, patient authorizations, task lists, flowsheets, and patient documentation directly from the Home Page.

Discover the beauty of a streamlined business with OptimisPT- the leader in outpatient rehab therapy documentation.

Developed by the country’s top compliance experts, Fearon and Levine, this intelligent web-based EMR seamlessly integrates scheduling, documentation, billing, and practice management components with ease. Our unique, built-in clinical decision support and unprecedented compliance practices feature unmatched convenience. You’ll experience improved efficiency through helpful prompting for therapists and multiple levels of cutting-edge customization. Build a better business with OptimisPT!