Our Fees

OptimisPT is different from other EMRs.
We realize that not all practices or providers are the same.
So, we don’t charge you the same. Add as many providers and as many locations as you like.
We simply charge based on your monthly total of checked-in and documented patient visits.

Base Price: $200 / month

Includes up to 235 checked-in and documented visits.

Just $0.85 per visit beyond 235. As your volume grows your price per visit cascades down. The more you succeed, the lower your fee!

We’ll show you the system and describe just how easy it is to become one of the family and one of the thousands of satisfied OptimisPT customers.

Why is this good for you?

Providers perform at different levels. If a part-timer onperforms 25 patient visits per month, that’s all you pay for.

If a provider goes on a vacation, you don’t pay anything for her while she’s out.

If your volume decreases due to holidays or bad weather, your invoice for the month will be less.

As your business grows, your OptimisPT bill becomes more cost-efficient, because your cost per visit goes down.

Your OptimisPT account comes with all this ...


Manage the schedules of one or hundreds of providers at as many locations as you want.

Improve appointment turnout using our automated email and text appointment reminders.

Documentation and Compliance

Save time with our compliant, prewritten goals and notes. Edit them with ease, and even customize and save your own.

Maintain the kind of compliance and documentation consistency that keeps you safe from adverse audits.

Fax directly from OptimisPT for no extra fee.

Rest easy knowing that OptimisPT’s compliance features were designed and are continually maintained by the experts at Fearon & Levine.


Minimize the risk of treatment and documentation errors.

Make sure you are paid for the work you do.

Never finalize a visit again without knowing you’re 100% complete.

Clinical Decision Support

OptimisPT’s clinical decision support is one of a kind and was developed by industry experts using the most up-to-date and comprehensive research available.

OptimisPT helps you develop your diagnosis or confirm the one you made. We assist you in providing your patience with the best evidence-based treatment available.


OptimisPT provides a complimentary 3 week training program through OptimisPT University. Our training system is designed to help your entire staff become proficient users of our system.

All training is provided by licensed, practicing physical therapists who use OptimisPT is a clinical setting.

All training is done live and is interactive so you get the most out of our program.


OptimisPT understands that system support is key to your success. We’re here when you need us.

We offer live phone and live chat for immediate needs and support tickets for things less critical.

Every OptimisPT user has access to our expert support team during regular business hours, no matter where you are in the country.

Regular updates and support for new features are always provided to all users.