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Brilliant EMR Technology + Innovative Wellness and Performance Tools

OptimisPT is the only evidence-based PT documentation software with built-in clinical decision support and expert coding and compliance guidance available to help reduce audit risk for physical therapists. We don’t just meet regulatory requirements; we guide you through them.

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Clinical Decision Support

We’re the only EMR on the market with built-in dynamic Clinical Decision Support at the point-of-care.

Home Education Program (HEP)

There is over 3000 activities embedded in the system containing pictures and videos pictures and videos that can be accessed to create a complete HEP for your patients. The HEP can be printed, emailed or accessed by our mobile OptimumMe App on your patient's smart device.


Customizable & Shareable Content


Fully customizable and shareable: Text Templates - create and save your own templates to eliminate the need to retype frequently used statements. Clinical Patterns - improve efficiency by creating custom eval templates for specific patient presentations. Exercises - save your own activities/exercises/techniques into the system with the ability to include up to 2 of your own pictures and a video for each action created. Measure Tables - ability to document measures in a custom table format. Workouts - create groupings of activities specific to a patient classification and/or protocols that can be added efficiently to the patient's treatment program and HEP. Once created, all customizable content can be shared with your colleagues.

Outcomes Tracking and MIPS Reporting

Fully integrated with FOTO Outcomes Management System and the APTA’s Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry (PTOR). These integrations allow for seamless outcomes tracking and MIPS reporting. Prompts and reminders throughout the system to help you stay compliant with reporting regulations.

The Patient experience doesn’t end at the point of discharge with Optimis. Enhance your revenue stream and cash-based service offering with our State-of-the-Art Assessment tools:

Health Education and Risk Test
This assessment is a non-invasive way of assessing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This includes a  questionnaire combined with a physical measures assessment (Waist to Hip Ratio, VO2 field test, Blood Pressure, BMI) that has been correlated with increased cardiovascular risk. Once assessed, you are given a report that shows your overall HEART score, which establishes a baseline for designing a heart rate specific program to improve your cardiovascular health.
Sports Training and Readiness Test
This assessment is a series of research-based physical measures that assess your general function, used to discover and correct impairments that lead to injury. Once assessed, you are given a report that shows your overall START score, which establishes a baseline for designing a personalized strength and flexibility program to reduce risks of injury and improve wellness.