Asked Questions

Questions about OptimisPT.

Who developed OptimisPT?

OptimisCorp, a physical therapist owned, profitable company developed OptimisPT specifically for the physical therapy industry.

Leaders of the physical therapy profession have been instrumental in the development of OptimisPT, including Joseph Godges DPT, OCS, Stephen Levine DPT, MS, HA, Helene Fearon PT and John Waite DPT, OCS.

OptimisCorp also owns many premier physical therapy clinics in various regions of the country that were instrumental in the development of OptimisPT and that are utilizing OptimisPT in the clinic on a daily basis capturing enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Who is currently using OptimisPT?

OptimisPT is being used all across the country logging thousands of daily patient visits.

How much does it cost?

With OptimisPT there are no up-front costs or long-term agreements. You simply pay for usage on a per visit basis. OptimisPT recognizes patient volume ebbs and flows and OptimisPT flexes with your practice. With no additional charges for updates or maintenance, and no “hidden” fees, OptimisPT is the most transparent and efficient tool on the market.

How do I get started?

Sign up for a demo! You can do so by either using our online form, contacting us by phone at (310) 697-8788 or send us an email at

Questions about support.

What types of training tools will I have access to?

Training tools are built right into the software on every screen to facilitate and expedite your learning experience. Additionally, we provide video tutorials, weekly webinars, and regular customer service support at the touch of a button.

What equipment do I need?

OptimisPT can be used with any computer that is connected to the web via a web browser. No special computers, servers or printers are required.

Questions about security.

How secure is patient data?

All Protected Health Information (PHI), including transactional information and patient records, are stored in a secure SAS70 compliant data center, and are encrypted both in transit and at rest. Further, OptimisPT has a fully featured administrative platform that allows practice administrators to manage users’ accounts, assign passwords and authorize individual therapists and other staff to perform specific functions in the application, according to their individual access needs. OptimisPT is a fully HIPAA compliant software solution.

Further, OptimisPT stores all data on fully redundant network attached storage, with database back-up snapshots every hour and full backups every 24 hours, keeping your data secure.

Questions about compliance.

Does OptimisPT facilitate audit protection?

Yes, this is one of the strengths of OptimisPT offered at a level never before seen in the physical therapy industry. Although there are no guarantees preventing an audit, our experts, Helene Fearon and Steve Levine, have incorporated deep compliance intelligence into the program using alerts, notices, reminders, and practice management reports, to identify potential problems in the documentation process and to keep the provider compliant. Used as designed, OptimisPTfacilitates compliance with Medicare and other third-party requirements and takes the worry out of keeping up with these ever-changing complex rules, allowing you to sleep well at night.