5 Tips for Making the Most of Clinic Free Time Secondary to Reduction in Patient Volume

Learn and Review

Take time to learn and/or review the Optimis system by watching the pre-recorded training videos available on University. These can be found under Training→ Video Training. There are Administrative videos and Documentation videos available 24/7.

Create and Update

Create and/or update Custom Templates, Patterns, Exercises, Tables and Workouts. Video and PDF instructions can be found on Optimis University: References→ Other Resources→ User Customizable Options.

Email Templates

Create Email Templates that can be easily sent to new and existing patients directly out of OptimisPT. You can create an email template by going to the Admin Tab→ Advanced→ Email Templates

Fitness membership

Absent Discharges

Run the “Patients Not Seen” Report and create Absent Discharges for those patients that will not be returning for that Episode of Care.

Complete To-Do’s

Resolve any old tasks that may be on the Task List that you haven’t had time for or have been procrastinating to complete.