We’re pleased to announce a new offering for 2022 dedicated to helping outpatient rehab practices become more efficient, proficient and effective in their daily workflows.

We’re excited to offer OptimisPT Workshops: mini bite-size learning sessions meant for you to be able to take away information to make a tangible and immediate change.

If you’re looking to shave off a few minutes here and there from your workflows, looking to save time between the front desk and back office, and hoping to boast better patient outcomes in 2022, check out our Workshop Series schedule and join us for 20 minutes! 

We’ve curated a variety of topics in the main categories of Administration, Clinical Services, Compliance, Reporting, Cyber Security, Patient Engagement, Billing, Marketing, Wellness, and Technology.  We have our topics posted on a two month running schedule.  

Interested in learning more about a specific topic but don’t see it on the list? Feel free to suggest or request a topic!  If you are an OptimisPT user you can do this by clicking on the support button and submitting a support ticket.  Not an OptimisPT user?  Please send your suggestions to info@optimispt.com.

Below you will find the schedule of topics for the January and February 2022 Workshops.  All Workshops are scheduled for 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST.  Some of the topics are being presented specifically for our OptimisPT users.  However, the ones marked as public will be available to everyone in the rehab therapy industry.

Registration links will be posted prior to the workshops on the OptimisPT Home Page, OptimisPT.com, and on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages.    

For the most up to date Workshop Schedule and Registration Links please click below:

Dates of WorkshopCategoryWorkshop TopicPublic
1-6-22AdminBest practice for checking insurances/verifying benefits at the start of the year
1-11-22CompliancePlan of Care certification workflow and considerationsX
1-13-22ClinicalMIPS 2022X
1-18-22ClinicalCOVID long-haulersX
1-20-22SecurityPassword Basics and HIPAAX
1-25ClinicalMIPS for FOTO users 2022
1-27-22ClinicalMIPS for PTOR users 2022
2-1-22Patient EngagementPatient Portal tips and tricks
2-3-22ClinicalExercise library updates
2-8-22ClinicalOutcomes. How to achieve great ones.X
2/10/22Patient EngagementNet Promoter Score (NPS) and what it means to youX
2/15/21ClinicalOptimumMe (OME) Patient Engagement App
2/22/22ClinicalCustom patterns. Save 15 min per eval.
2/24/22SecurityWebsite Management/ProtectionsX

*Please note: topics and dates are subject change

As your practice partner, we look forward to sharing this information with you!

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