In January 2022 Optimis started presenting workshops one to two times per week.  Some of these workshops are exclusive to our OptimisPT subscribers, but others are open to anyone in the industry.  These workshops were created with the intention of providing bite-size learning pieces aimed at educating rehabilitation therapy practices on industry updates, features within OptimisPT and incorporating best practices into your clinic.  You can access the OptimisPT Workshop Schedule and register for the sessions on the OptimisPT Website.

We would like to announce a specialized series of workshops that will be incorporated into our ongoing workshops.  This series is the OptimisPT Billing 101 Workshop Series.   These bite-size learning pieces are perfect for admin staff and therapists alike.  This is the information therapists always wish they were taught in PT school and I am sure your billing specialist would agree.  It’s all the small pieces within the entire clinic that can impact the bottom line of your practice.

So what do you get out of these workshops?

  • Better understanding of how the billing cycle works
  • The difference between billing, posting and collections
  • Improved workflows taking into consideration how, when and “if” you’re going to get paid
  • Decreased biller time in making corrections
  • Improved communication between front office, back office and billing department
  • Areas you need to understand and consider to ensure your own success

The OptimisPT Billing 101 Workshop series is appropriate for front office, back office and entry-level billers and is open to everyone, not just our OptimisPT subscribers.  Will you be a biller after this workshop?  Absolutely not!  But, it will help to give you the knowledge and tools that you need to work toward maximizing your clinic profitability.

The schedule and topics for the Billing 101 Workshop Series are listed below.  The first workshop in the series, RCM 101- Billing Basics is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST.  Click HERE to register for any of the workshops in the Billing 101 Series.

4/12/22RCM 101- Billing Basics
4/21/22Clean Claims/Scrubbing Processes
4/28/22Scheduling Best Practices: Factors to look for when scheduling (i.e. neuro vs. ortho, post-op), scheduling categories
5/5/22Gross Revenue vs. Net Revenue
5/17/22Establishing FTE Ratios
5/24/22Patient Compliance
6/7/22Billing Q&A
6/9/22Understanding Insurance Contract Types: Day Rate vs. Fee for Service
6/16/22Effective TOS Collections
6/21/22What to Know About Outsourcing Your Billing- An Insider Guidance From a Billing Company: Things you may not even know to ask
6/30/22Correcting/Rebilling Claims
7/12/22Billing Q&A

*Please note: Workshop dates and topics are subject to change

We look forward to having you join us on these very informative workshop sessions.  If you would like more information regarding OptimisPT we encourage you to Schedule a Demo.