The Science

Follow the Science…Lead with Evidence.

The unique clinical decision support built into OptimisPT allows both novice and expert clinicians to utilize evidence-based examination and treatment options, and link them to impairment patterns embedded within the program.

In physical therapy, impairment findings are often predictably associated with common musculoskeletal disorders, and are the biggest driver of what treatment is recommended or provided to the patient. Using the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning (ICF) terminology, OptimisPT incorporates activity limitation and physical impairment measures into identified impairment patterns, and links these measures to the patient’s functional limitations. Our one-of-a-kind clinical decision support system then focuses on assisting the therapist in building defensible, individualized patient-centered goals based on objective baseline measures linked to measurable functional targets.

The science behind OptimisPT incorporates clinical guidelines, validated functional assessment scales, and the latest evidence in physical therapist practice through our web-based platform and provides the therapist with the tools to bring the most efficient and effective care to patients. Decades of knowledge and research has been synthesized by panels of experts to allow the therapist to create compliant, defensible, evidence-based documentation by linking the patient’s physical impairments to their functional limitations, helping to justify third-party medical necessity requirements unlike any other system on the market.

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