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The prospect of an adverse Medicare, or commercial insurance company audit, is one of the biggest fears for physical therapists. OptimisPT addresses this issue like no other physical therapy documentation software on the market.

In partnership with Helene Fearon and Steve Levine, principals of Fearon & Levine Consulting, the country’s leading experts in documentation, coding, and compliance, OptimisPT has embedded real-time prompts and alerts for documentation, providing the tremendous peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that the completed documentation is compliant with Medicare and other third-party payers policies as well as professional guidelines.

With our fingers on the pulse of these ever-changing Medicare and payer policies, OptimisPT, driven by the knowledge and experience of Fearon and Levine, provides a real-time, regularly updated web-based physical therapy software solution to helping physical therapists improve third-party payments while reducing adverse audit risk.

Increase Total Revenue Capture with Embedded Evidence

Capturing all of the appropriate revenue for each visit is critical to the financial survival of every physical therapy practice. As a point-of-care, integrated, end-to-end solution, OptimisPT facilitates the capture of all billable treatments in a compliant fashion.

The embedded intelligence in OptimisPT generates the appropriate codes and modifiers based upon payer requirements and makes appropriate unit calculations based on the documentation. Additionally, it dynamically, and in real time, calculates Medicare therapy cap limitations and presents that information to the therapist, providing notification when a KX modifier may be warranted, ensuring documentation continues to demonstrate medical necessity and justifies continued payment for therapy beyond the cap.

What about PQRS?

OptimisPT provides the tools necessary for the clinician and practice administrator to easily and effectively participate in Medicare’s Physicians Quality Reporting System (PQRS). The seamless inclusion of PQRS measures and codes provide for efficient reporting and complete capture of the information required for the submission of the most accurate claims information. In OptimisPT, PQRS is part of your documentation process and not an extra step, or in some cases even forgotten. Our unique feature,effortlessly allows for the capture of PQRS data and facilitates compliance with this soon-to-be mandatory program. With required reporting beginning 2013, compliance will be a “must have”, and our program can help ensure the most effective revenue capture with the clinical documentation to back it up.

We not only guide you through the regulatory requirements; we help you meet them.

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